Corporate Values

As we are well aware of Chairman Chung has strong financial and economic background, what do you treat speedy changes of technology industry? And, how do you lead DynaPack move toward international market, what is the rational concept you hold on?

Having worked with accounting firm for 27 years, in early 1981, I joined Hsin-chu Science Park where hi-tech companies were contacted. As a director of Arima Group of which concentrating on risk management, it is the thing takes care of itself in-charge-of DynaPack as a chairman.
Leading DynaPack Technology,chairman adheres consistently to risk management spirit, requests strictly 100% excellence of quality and emphasizes on financial stabilization and completeness as well as customers service enforcement in order to allow shareholders and employees obtaining reasonable rewards when it will be applying for on-desk in early 2004

What is DynaPack strategy?

DynaPack specially concentrates on broad principle and direction:
1. Internally to externally, to enforce internal organization, to  cultivate professional managers, to erect well-organized system
and to conduct severe quality control
2. Externally, to emphasize diversion of customer resource (risk concept), width of opportunities and dissipation of material
3. As marketing management, to focus on customer-oriented, up-/down-stream suppliers and customers long-term strategic cooperation

What does DynaPack insist?

1. To insist on executing quality-first core of value
2. To insist on keeping strictly confidential on all customers’ data
3. To insist on providing solution to correspond worldwide trend
4. To insist on providing flexible process better than customers requirements
5. To insist on being responsible to shareholders

As a provident leader, what should you do?

Truly understanding our position in the industry, focusing on original business and integrating resources in professional field, holding timely information and marketing trend with high discerning ability and alertness, paying attention to balanced relationships among partners (including shareholders), creating win-win results and maintaining industry reputation based on high standard of industry virtue are highly required.


In Taiwan, Notebook industry world market share will be more than 75%, we estimate optimistically our performance will jump up and plan to be on-desk in 2004 under this favorable conditions.
Besides continuous developing its market share in this field, Dyna Pack has also designed the operating principle as follows:
‧ To stabilize initiating customers, develop new customers and upgrade customers service quality
‧ To develop potential niche products and raise productivity and product quality
‧ To develop high added-value of Taiwan factory to maintain obtaining profits
‧ To expand product capability of Mainland China factory to supply merchandise from the nearest source and decrease production cost
‧ To enforce relationships between international well known customers and suppliers

Besides, we expect that Taiwan will be the most important location for portable products, such as: Notebook、PDA、CellPhone、SmartPhone、Tablet PC、LCD-TV、DVD-Player、DigitalCamera. Thus, DynaPack’s vision is to be responsible for leading worldwide portable products supply-chain’s professional BatteryPack. Other than expansion of marketing, research and development (R&D), quality control and manufacturing capacity in Taiwan operation headquarters, a production base has been established in Wu-chiang in order to meet customers demand, two-sides delivery and providing fastest and high quality services requirements.