Education and Experience


Chang, Chung-Hsing

Master of Electrical Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University

Diploma of Electronic Engineering from Nan Jeon Junior College of Technology

Senior Manager of Power R&D Center of Dell Inc.

Senior Manager of R&D Division of ARIMA Computer Co., Ltd.

Senior Consultant

Sheu, Ju-Jing

EMBA, National Taipei University

Diploma in Electrical Engineering from National Taipei University of Technology

Vice President of RD2 Center ARIMA Computer Co., Ltd.


Chen, Shen-Mao

MBA from East Texas State University

Bachelor of Shipping and Transportation Management from National Chiao Tung University

President of Lighting Product Division of General Electric

Marketing Director of Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Senior Vice President of Finance and Head of Accounting

Lin, Yu Huei

Master of Accountancy from National Taiwan University

Bachelor of Accountancy from National Taiwan University

Assistant Manager of Audit Department of Deloitte and Touche

Accounting Assistant Vice President of Arima Photovoltaic & Optical Corp.

Vice President

Wang, Wen-Kuang

Department of Industrial Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology

Vice President, Sanyo Energy (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd

Vice President Chen, Pei-Heng

Masters of Industrial Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University

Vice President of R&D Center at Celxpert Energy Corp.

Assistant VP of BGS BU at Quanta Computer Inc.

Vice President of Engineering Center at Simplo Technology Co., Ltd.

President of TD Hitech Energy Inc.

Vice President

Chen, Kuan-Hsu

Masters in Information Management from National Central University

Diploma of Electronics and Information Processing from Tamsui Institute of Industrial & Business Administration

IT Director of Arima Photovoltaic & Optical Corp.

Assistant Vice President

Chiu, Kuan-Ling

Bachelor of Accountancy from Tamkang University

Manager of the Audit Department of Deloitte and Touche

Senior Manager of Accounting Department of ARIMA Computer Co., Ltd.

Assistant Vice President

Wu, Ming-Yuan

Diploma of Electronics Engineering from Tungnan Junior College of Technology

Factory Chief of ARIMA Computer (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

Factory Chief and Deputy Presedent of R&D Division of Techcharm Electronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Deputy Presedent of President Office of Fujian Nebula Electronics Co.,Ltd

Assistant Vice President

Cheng, Cheng-Heng

Master of Chemical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University

Manager of NEXcell Battery Co., Ltd.

Senior Researcher of E-One Moli Energy Corp.

Director of High Energy Battery Co., Ltd.

Assistant Vice President

Fon, Rong-Hua

B.S., Department of Electronic Engineering, Feng Chia University

Vice President, Jiangxi Qiwei Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd

Assistant Vice President Liu, Yung-Fu

MBA, Southern New Hampshire University

Assistant VP at oToBrite Electoronic,Inc.

Senior Director at JET Optoelectonics Co., Ltd.

Senior Director at Alpha Networds Inc.

Assistant Vice President Chen, Wen-Yi

ENBA, Chang Gung University

Director of RD2 division at Dynapack International Technology Corp.

Assistant Vice President Liao, Wen-Chin

Master of Industrial Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

Manager of R&D Dept at ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.

Technical Manager at Logitech

Assistant Vice President Chen, Yau-Feng

Master of Agriculture Engineering, National Taiwan University

Senior Manager of EV Division at Foxlink Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

Deputy Director of Marketing Division at TPV Technology

Assistant Vice President of Sales Department at Winmate

Corporate Governance Officer Hnang, Szu-Yuan

Master of Accounting, University of Texas Dallas

Bachelor of Accounting, Soochow University

Assistant Manager of audit department of Deloitte and Touche

FP&A Manager, Dentsu Aegis Network

Organizational structure


Tasks of the principal divisions




–Responsible for overall management of the business. Formulate, propose and implement strategic objective and business plan.

–Set annual quality target and evaluate operation performance. Ensure appropriate processes in place in view of changing business environment.

–Coordinate and integrate the work of each function.

–Strengthen sustainaible competitiveness and implement social responsibility.

Research and Development Division 1

–Develop and improve battery related technologies.

–Batteries design, test and improvement.

–Execute and apply for safety regulation certification.

–Cell technology trend research, verification and failure analysis.

–Certify and implement new components or materials.

–Integration of product design, manufacturing and automation.

–Develop and evaluate potential new products and technologies.

–Formulate and carry out patent strategy.

–Projects development and execution.

Research and Development Division 2

–Technology development for Non-IT mobility and energy storage battery pack.

–Management of products planning and development to address market demand.

–Develop the manufacturing organization and management for factory in Taiwan.

–Apply and evaluate smart manufacturing equipments and continue to strengthen capabilities of design for manufacturing.

Quality Control Management Division

–Maintain and improve quality assurance systems to meet customer requirements and market trends.

–Plan, execute and improve internal quality audit in a consistent manner.

–Manage and oversee the operation of technical data and quality document.

–Participate in the quality review, verification and reliability testing of product design.

–Monitor and enhance product quality of supply chains.

–Continuously inspect and improve quality of final and in-process products.

–Product failure analysis and continuous improvement.

–Improvement of quality cost.

–Green products management in compliance with regulations.

Sales & Marketing Division

–New product planning and new customers development.

–Market and trend analysis.

–Product development and management of schedule.

–Formulate sales plan.

–Maintain customer relationships.

–Manage customer orders and shipment.

–Assist in customer complaints.

–Formulate strategic plan for strategic materials, suppliers and procurement management.

–Carry out management of strategic procurement by integrating market supply and demand information through internal collaboration.

General Administration Division

–Plan and manage employee recruitment, training, development and retention

–General administration management. Develop, implement and review of relevant policies of the Company

–Study, design, develop and implement the administration regulations.

–Handle purchase requisition of general affairs of the business. Maintenance and management of fixed assets and environment health.

Information Technology Division

–Development and maintenance of information systems.

–Establish and implement an information security management system.

–Management of information equipment.

–Implementation and application of advanced information technology and artificial intelligence systems.

Finance Division

–Responsible for accounting and reporting. Establish, design and implement accounting management system.

–Responsible for budgeting and variance analysis and report.

–Cash flow management.

Office of Internal Audit

–Perform audit, evaluate internal control processes and improve workflows. Provide timely and accurate information and make suggestions to ensure internal control processes to be carried out effectively and to assist Board of Directors and Management team to perform their duties.

–Conduct operation audit regularly and, from time to time, ensure the completeness, reasonableness, and effectiveness of the evaluation on the internal control system compliance. Report to the Chairman and President monthly or when necessary and attend the Audit Committee and Board Meetings.

Office of Secretary

–Assist with corporate governance matters and procedures related to the Board of Directors and Shareholders’ Meeting.

–Assist with shareholders’ affairs.

–Contract management.

A7 Land Development and Construction Management Division

–Assist in the planning and execution of the development of A7 Land at Restricted Industrial District.

–Manage the contruction project for the second factory and office building.

–Manage the leasing of the second factory and office building.

–Responsible for joint contruction project on residential land.

Office of Environment, Safety and Health

–Monitor and manage safe production.

–Prevention of occupational hazards.

–Implement the training and planning of labor safety and health management.

–Establish the emergency response plan.

–Promote 6S activities.

–Plan and manage the external environment of plants.

Audit Committee

–Supervise accuracy of financial statements.

–Selection and termination of independent auditor and its independence and performance.

–Oversee effectiveness of internal control.

–Oversee compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

–Oversee existing and potential risks.

Compensation Committee

–Perform evaluation and make recommendations on the compensation policy of Directors and Managers.

Risk Management Committee

–Establish, amend and review the risk management system of the Company and its subsidiaries, identify and measure overall business risks, establish and execute the risk management strategies and follow-ups.

Sustainable Development Committee

–Responsible for the implementation of sustainable development policies.

–Development and implementation of sustainable development management plans.

–Approval of relevant sustainable development education and training programs.

–Approval of relevant operational standards, inspection standards and control standards for corporate social responsibility.

–Convene to resolve issues during execution of sustainable development undertakings.

–Evaluate and review the performance of the implementation of sustainable development systems.

–Study the improvement of sustainable development management programs.