In Taiwan, Notebook industry world market share will be more than 75%, we estimate optimistically our performance will jump up and plan to be on-desk in 2004 under this favorable conditions.
Besides continuous developing its market share in this field, Dyna Pack has also designed the operating principle as follows:
‧ To stabilize initiating customers, develop new customers and upgrade customers service quality
‧ To develop potential niche products and raise productivity and product quality
‧ To develop high added-value of Taiwan factory to maintain obtaining profits
‧ To expand product capability of Mainland China factory to supply merchandise from the nearest source and decrease production cost
‧ To enforce relationships between international well known customers and suppliers

Besides, we expect that Taiwan will be the most important location for portable products, such as: Notebook、PDA、CellPhone、SmartPhone、Tablet PC、LCD-TV、DVD-Player、DigitalCamera. Thus, DynaPack’s vision is to be responsible for leading worldwide portable products supply-chain’s professional BatteryPack. Other than expansion of marketing, research and development (R&D), quality control and manufacturing capacity in Taiwan operation headquarters, a production base has been established in Wu-chiang in order to meet customers demand, two-sides delivery and providing fastest and high quality services requirements.